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1. Soda Syphon Top Three.

Soda Syphon Top Three picture click to read more What soda syphon top is is, is a device where you open your fizzy bottle, screw it on replacing the cap, let it settle, and then press a lever and your fizzy drink shoots out of the spout. That's what it is. Fizz fizz. Just like one of those old fashioned soda siphons. Whoosh. It is great because...


2. Soda Syphon Top.

Soda Syphon Top picture click to read more It couldn't be simpler the siphon top screws onto the bottle in place of the cap. It's attached to a tube that draws the liquid up as you press the lever and pushes it out through the siphon. It uses the gas that is in the drink to maintain the pressure so there are no gas capsules or chargers...


Products 1-2 of 2 displayed.

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