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1. 3 Large Microfibre Cloths.

3 Large Microfibre Cloths picture click to read more These three one foot square Microfibre cleaning cloths remove grease dust and dirt without needing soap or detergents. So how do they work? In a regular cloth, the fibres are solid. You can see when you clean up a spill the water is pushed along rather than sucked up right away. Microfibre is split...



MICROFIBRE MIRACLE CLOTHS-4 PC. SET picture click to read more You already know how great these microfibre cloths are for polishing and cleaning, supersoft, holding 7 x their weight in liquid, holding onto dust and dirt as you go, reducing the need for chemicals. It is time to create a collection so that they are always ready on hand for use. This set gives...


3. T Rex Gutter Cleaner Gutter Flusher.

T Rex Gutter Cleaner Gutter Flusher picture click to read more A problem with gutter cleaning is that they are generally out of reach. This flusher adds more than a metre and a third to your reach (137cm), meaning you can now get into and clean more channels. And whilst you are cleaning you will appreciate the quality and adaptability of this gutter cleaning...


4. Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack.

Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack picture click to read more These microfibre optical cloths are a must have for anyone with a smartphone, glasses, camera or jewellery. Why? Because fingerprint smudges, dust and grease seem magnetically attracted and it is highly likely they will sometime need drying in a hurry. So how do microfibre optical cloths help the...


5. Green In Cistern Toilet Cleaner.

Green In Cistern Toilet Cleaner picture click to read more Green, non polluting toilet bowl power cleaning without compromise. Blue Dream Up to 2000 Flushes is an amazing patent device which goes in your cistern and automatically treats your toilet for around 2000 flushes. You get dirt, limescale, uric acid stains, rust, smells, germs powerfully busted....


6. Oven Cleaner.

Oven Cleaner picture click to read more Oven Cleaner and non stick coating Here's an oven cleaner which works. Quickly. Just wipe on, leave about a minute and wipe off. The baked on carbon, dirt and grease dissolve and come off Amazing. And there's no need for gloves. It's even safe enough to bring back the gleam to pots and pans. Using...


7. Ultra Sonic Stain Remover.

Ultra Sonic Stain Remover picture click to read more Ultra smart, ultra sound stain remover pen. You dampen or put detergent on a stain and apply with a brushing motion for a minute, the tip vibrates at 50000 times per second. You can see the water vaporising as the droplets are shattered by the vibrations. This activity breaks up the stain, shaking...


8. Urine Removal.

Urine Removal picture click to read more If you own a pet or have a family member with a misbehaving bladder you need to own the Stainz-R-Out Urine Kit. It is a kit containing concentrate and a light. You reuse a spray top bottle, having cleaned up you aim at where the urine was and spray. The Stainz-R-Out Urine Removal Kit reacts with...


9. Snow Brush Ice Scraper.

Snow Brush Ice Scraper picture click to read more This is a double ended tool, one end is a snow brush with tough bristles and the other end an ice scraper. The snow brush has a swivel head, you can at a push of a button change from a broom for pushing, raking action to a sideways brushing action. The ice scraper can detach from the tool for...


10. Wash Balls Set Of 2.

Wash Balls Set Of 2 picture click to read more Wash balls contain a natural washing soda which removes stains and dirt and softens water much like a soap powder, but are kind to the environment, gentle on fabrics, less irritant than detergents and amazingly last for about 100 washes each. Directions for Use Suitable for Machine and Hand Washing...


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