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Car Support Grip Handles picture
Car Support Grip Handles picture

Car Support Grip Handles.

Car Support Grip Handles picture
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A lot of people have trouble clambering in and out of cars, and many simply like something to hold on to while the car is moving.

It is time to get a grip or handle on this situation.

Just add something the car manufacturers forgot, a pair of Car Support Grip Handles

A lot of cars have removable headrests with two posts which slip in and out of the seat.

These Car Support Grip Handles have rope loops at either end.

Lift off your headrest and refit passing the post through the rope loops.

You now have an anchored handle which can take up to 100 kg weight.

Anyone who needs them, such as children, the overweight, the frail elderly, now has a pair of 13 inch rubbery grip handles to hold on to with both or either hand.

Getting into and out of vehicles is now made easier.

As headrests are easy to remove and refit, you can just pop one in your pocket or bag and have one to put in whenever someone gives you a lift.

Car Support Grip Handles come as a set of two.

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