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Bath Lounger picture

Bath Lounger.

Bath Lounger picture
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Bath lounger takes the bath pillow idea to a whole new level of comfort, simply, your whole body is cushioned on a bed of air as you relax in your bath tub.

The bath lounger lines the bottom and end of your bath like a 46.5 x 13.75 x 7.5 inch bath mattress.

Your head and upper back, back and legs are cradled by three inflatable sections, held in place (in any none textured bath) by 6 suction cups.

And you can inflate the sections to the level of firmness you like.

Suddenly bathing is a lot more luxurious.

Of course, the bath lounger is not just there to pamper you.

The pressure of being on a hard surface can be painful and uncomfortable for many people.

By getting these out there in volume and affordable the hope is that finally everyone can enjoy the pleasures of a relaxing bath.

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