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Weed Wizard.

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Flame weed killers create arguments about who is going to kill the weeds.

You turn the control knob, push the button to make piezo electric sparks and a butane flame shoots out the tip.

You point the stick like a magic wand at the weed.

And it is burn baby burn time.

The most gratifying form of weed control.

Also the most selective weed killer.

Say you are weeding a lawn or a border.

You point the weed burner directly at the weed and blast with the flame.

You kill that weed and avoid surrounding plants and lawn.

Unlike a weed sprayer, no chemicals are being deposited in your garden

There is no more natural weed control.

Children, pets, birds and wildlife will go unpoisoned.

Your fruit and vegetable remain toxin free and organic.

All with the minimum of bending and reaching and no grabbing, digging and pulling.

For fun weed killing, a flame weed killer is the solution.

As you know, butane cylinders (not supplied) are standard and are easily available from DIY places.

So which pyromaniac in your household will kill those weeds first?

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