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Water Pump Battery Operated picture
Water Pump Battery Operated picture

Water Pump Battery Operated.

Water Pump Battery Operated picture
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Battery Operated Water Pump works by pumping water using an inbuilt motor at a rate of up to 360 litres of water per hour.

Just put the tube in the water, direct the hose, switch the button on top and the pump gets to work, transferring liquid.

That is any none corrosive liquid.

Great for ponds that have had a little too much rain water, your fish tank without upsetting your fish, wine or beer you are brewing, even petrol or oil.

Keep one handy in case there are any washing machine accidents or other spills.

Great in a drought or just to conserve water where there is washing up and bath water which could be pumped off and used in your garden.

Battery Operated Water Pump can also be used like a regular siphon, with the pump starting the transfer rather than your risking sucking fluids into your mouth.

60 x 120 x 4 cm takes 2 x D batteries.

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