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Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Wonderwand picture
Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Wonderwand picture

Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Wonderwand.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Wonderwand picture
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Wonderwand is a thin, long vacuum cleaner tool that lets you clean anywhere there is an inch of space.

You can clean under sofas, cookers, fridge, freezers, beds and cupboards, and behind furniture and radiators anywhere where there is 1in clearance.

This means that you can avoid moving these heavy items but still clean under or behind them.

The thinness also cuts down on the vacuum bashing which frequently damages furniture.

As well as being thin, Wonderwand vacuum cleaner attachment can also be long, extending to 3 feet to really get into those spaces and awkward gaps.

Yet it works like a telescope shrinking down to just over 2 foot for storage.

Wonderwand is great if there are people with dust allergies, and for anyone who wants things clean but does not like hefting heavy items.

There is also a magnetic part on the end, which may come in useful sometime.

Before ordering, have a quick check that you have a vacuum cleaner with a standard 1.25 inch hose for Wonderwand to attach to.

Note: Wonderwand vacuum cleaner attachment does not fit Dyson vacuum cleaners.

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