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Tool Sharpener picture
Tool Sharpener picture

Tool Sharpener.

Tool Sharpener picture
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Look sharp.

People will try to sell you lots of different sharpener for your knife, your scissors, your shears.

Their angle is that each blade needs cutting at a different angle.

This sharpener has multiple areas each set at the correct angle needed for each type of blade.

A true multi tool.

So, you get the job done, with just one sharpening tool.

Each area is made from carbide, used in the mining and gas industries to cut through solid stone, and here to make short work of sharpening your blades.

Not carbide coated or tipped like most tools but actual solid carbide.

Using an ultra hard material makes the task quicker and easier.

as does design of the sharpener tool.

Notice the none slip grip, the arch on the handle so you can hold safely and firmly.

Whether held on the table for kitchen knives or swept along the blade of shears or scissors, or run into pruners or lopper jaws.

An industrial secret is to lubricate as you cut, here you have the same edge.

Hidden in the handle is a supply of anti rust oil in a refillable container and an applicator.

At 180 mm this necessity takes up little space in your tool box or kitchen draw.

It looks sharp and keeps your knives and tools sharp.

And you now only need one sharpener for lots of your blades.

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