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Telescopic Window Cleaner picture
Telescopic Window Cleaner picture

Telescopic Window Cleaner.

Telescopic Window Cleaner picture
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If you want to clean upstairs windows or conservatory roofs you want a window cleaning tool which extends to 376 cm 12.336 foot.

Reach up and clean with the squeegee.

Then dry off with the cleaning pad.

Shorten to work on downstairs windows.

Squiggle both heads to change the angle so if it is a sloping conservatory roof or a flat window you have the right angle of attack.

Remove the squeegee to clean your car (the pole lets you clean the roof while you are at it, and your caravan too.)

When done the window cleaner pole telescopes down to a shorter 160cm for easy storage.

The cleaning pad slips off easily and can be machine washed and over time replaced with an old towel, so there`s years of life.

Made from aluminium, You are looking at 954grms, under a kilo, so we cannot promise a good workout.

UK only as the Telescopic Window Cleaner is too big for international mail.

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