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Slicing Onion Tomato Eggs picture
Slicing Onion Tomato Eggs picture

Slicing Onion Tomato Eggs.

Slicing Onion Tomato Eggs picture
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Slicing small fruit vegetables and eggs can be awkward.

The answer is this 18 cm stainless steel slicing guide and aid.

Like a pair of tongs it grips to your smaller vegetables or fruit and locks in place.

You just run a knife between the guides for perfect even slices.

Ingeniously, the slicing aid has feet for stability, and leaves the base of the food intact, so delicate food is still handleable. One cut then separates out the slices.

A great alternative to possibly cutting your fingers on a slicer or with close knife cutting.

Slicing onion, tomato, eggs and fruit is now without tears, squishless, something of a yolk, and sweet.

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