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Shed Ender Pro.

Shed Ender Pro picture
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Dog hair and cat hair on furniture, clothing, and in the home can test even our strongest mutternal and mogernal instincts.

So what to do?

Go to the source with Shed Ender Pro extra large deshedding tool.

Here`s the thing, dogs and cats are the same over the skin!

They have two layers of fur.

Regular brushing only gets to the uppermost coat of hair.

That`s why they keep hairing, it`s the inner coat.

With Shed Ender Pro, you get in there and really remove dead loose hair from the undercoat.

It is effective, while being gentle.

Your cat or dog loves the deep grooming. It is not a hairy experience.

Masses, meaning amazing quantities, of cat or dog hair can be removed.

And shinier coats and healthier skin are promised.

This improves upon the original Shed Ender by having a 50 percent larger head for faster deshedding and a rotating head which pivots 65 degrees to quickly adjust to de shed in any direction.

Having licked the built up hair trapped in your pet`s undercoat, you are in for a licking.

And with less dog or cat hair being shed about the place, your mutternal and mogernal instincts can come back.

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