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Seahorse AM/FM Shower Radio picture
Seahorse AM/FM Shower Radio picture

Seahorse AM/FM Shower Radio.

Seahorse AM/FM Shower Radio picture
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There is something joyous and spirit lifting about a seahorse radio.

Maybe it is that cheeky smile, the cute fins, the sweet eye or that unselfconscious little belly bulge.

Maybe it is the cheerful yellow colour.

Anyhoo, this is both AM and FM and you can use it in your bathroom or shower, as it resists water (duh).

You operate the radio by twiddling the seahorses body parts, yup, fun times.

You can hang up using the supplied nylon rope or use the suckers on the back to attach.

And there is a red button that lets the device double up as a cordless personal alarm if someone needs that.

If you want a bathroom or shower radio, why not have a joyous one, like this seahorse radio.

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