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Sawhorse picture
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Unlike a conventional sawhorse this ingenious invention grips and holds your material in place, almost as if you had another pair of hands.

Your new assistant is made from solid formed flexible steel struts then given a ruggedised plastic coat. On the support`s body are slots at various well thought out angles.

You place your material onto the slots and the weight of the item pressing against the steel`s springiness combines with the plastic grip to hold the item.

Two sawhorses are supplied so it is like fitting feet onto your material as you work.

Items are gripped, vibrations adsorbed, and you can get on with sawing, planing or gluing.

Weighing half a kilo each, measuring 40cms long by 20cms high the two sawhorses are tough and can hold a lot of material, in fact lay a board across and they will hold you as a standing platform.

Doors, logs, pipework, planks are all handled with care.

So where do we send your two new pairs of hands?

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