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Rapid Defroster picture
Rapid Defroster picture

Rapid Defroster.

Rapid Defroster picture
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This is an extending expanding draining rack tray, metal with draining holes and plastic handles at either end.

Pull out handle and it extends, with snug lips on each handle to kiss up to the side of your bath or sink.

Invaluable for draining your soap or defrosting your meat.

Or useful for adding surface if you are reading in the tub or preparing over the sink

For starters defrosting area is 41.91 cm x 16.51 cm

Then you pull out one handle and it extends up 53.34 cm to 66.04 cm 21 in to 26 in

There`s even a hole either end to hang up for storage or to dry once you are done with the Rapid Defroster.

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