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Paint pads set.

Paint pads set picture
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This comprehensive paint pads set gives you everything you need to make sure you deliver great paint jobs around the home.

The large applicator tools can hold the corrugated pads (made for maximum paint retention and coverage with all paint types) for inside the home and the exterior pads (hardwearing honeycomb design) for outside projects. The 9" applicator has a unique swivel head action for ease and flexibility of use.

The mini applicators are designed for tight corners! Coving, windows, chairs, smaller areas will now be finished beautifully with these handy tools.

It's a must for every serious DIY painter and decorator!

  • everything you need to paint around the house
  • Euro 3000 paint pads using quality 'Flock' pads
  • jumbo applicator with swivel head for easy access
  • mini applicators for smaller areas
  • large handy paint tray
  • flexible, comprehensive and with replaceable pads included
  • 4 Pad holders: Jumbo 9", medium, corner and mini
  • Large capacity paint tray
  • 8 paint pads: 1 corrugated, 1 exterior, 2 each of medium, mini/sash and corner
Also available: Extra pad set with 2 each of corrugated, exterior, medium, mini/sash and corner pads

Also available: Extension Pole

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