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Microwave Pressure Cooker picture
Microwave Pressure Cooker picture

Microwave Pressure Cooker.

Microwave Pressure Cooker picture
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The microwave pressure cooker can reheat but also lets you cook, properly.

Start with the simple, filling and healthy steamed rice and vegetables.

Then progress through zapping up a mean ragout, brandy chicken, cognac chicken, beans and breakfast (from raw beans) and mussels with wine.

All these are actual recipes we send you which you can follow and cook for yourself.

We think this set is something of an eye opener as well as a stomach filler.

Dishwasher safe and with a 10-cup capacity, the 8.0in W 4.0in D 6.5in height (20cm w 10cm x 16.5cm approx) Microwave Pressure Cooker is supplied complete with its own 3/4 cup capacity measuring cup and tough non-scratch spatula for easy stirring.

Now you can cook properly in your microwave, what are you waiting for?

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