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Magnetic Therapy Wraps picture

Magnetic Therapy Wraps.

Magnetic Therapy Wraps picture
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These magnetic therapy wraps are 38.2 inch / 97cm long strips, embedded with 14 powerful magnets.

Simply apply around your neck, your wrist, your shoulder, your ankle, your chest, your knee, wherever you like.

There is a 10 cm 4 inch velcro style grip, but you can add a bandage or corset to help keep in place.

It is claimed that magnotherapy can help with neck pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injuries, shoulder pain, wrist trouble, ankles, elbow trouble, fibromyalgia muscle pain and back ache.

So do these products work?

Humans seem to be missing out, as magnetic therapy wraps have been long used to treat racing horses and greyhounds as well as cats dogs and other pets. Arguably if it works in equine and other animal therapy, where healing is not due to suggestibility, there must be something to it.

We have them at a cost low enough for you to find out whether this natural pain relief will work for you.

These are well made, priced so that as many people as possible can benefit.

A law bore would caution against use in pregnancy or if you have a pacemaker.

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