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Jigsaw Storage Roll picture
Jigsaw Storage Roll picture

Jigsaw Storage Roll.

Jigsaw Storage Roll picture
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A large sheet of a special clingy felt cloth acts as an underlay as you do your jigsaw, holding on to your pieces and finished areas.

When ready to put your jigsaw away, roll up the felt into a jigsaw storage roll.

The clingy felt clings holding the pieces in place.

When ready to resume your jigsaw, unroll the jigsaw storage roll.

Again the clingy felt clings and your pieces are in place.

As well as making your area less cluttered when you are not doing your crossword, the puzzles are made more pleasurable.

A green background is restful and allows the pieces to be easier to see than on a dark table. The pieces are also easier to pick up.

The large sheet takes Jigsaw puzzles up to 2000 pieces.

The only puzzle is why every jigsaw puzzle fan does not order one of these jigsaw storage rolls, particularly when we are including a beautiful 1000 piece jigsaw of Tower Bridge.

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