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Insulated Steam Inhaler picture
Insulated Steam Inhaler picture

Insulated Steam Inhaler.

Insulated Steam Inhaler picture
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Insulated steam inhaler lets you steam for longer by including an insulating holder to keep the heat in for longer.

If you have a cold or flu or allergies, loosening congestion and mucus helps you breath easier.

Now you can breath easier for longer.

The steam inhaler has a double walled base which acts like a vacuum flask keeping the water hotter for longer.

A relief when you are feeling run down and don`t want to be bothered.

The insulating holder also widens the base to about 11cm making the steam inhaler more stable, tipping is unlikely and the steam inhaler stands on it`s own.

The insulation also means you can handle the bottle protected from the heat.

Way safer than the traditional hot metal saucepan with towel over the head technique.

As well as giving you more steaming time, the built in face mask concentrates and directs vapors to your nose and mouth, and the device separates for easy, hygienic cleaning.

You can remove and get inside the mouth, nose area when cleaning, a major advantage over comparable inhalators

Insulated steam inhaler is 24.5 cm tall.

Treat yourself today.

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