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Insulated Food Covers picture
Insulated Food Covers picture

Insulated Food Covers.

Insulated Food Covers picture
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Insulated Food Covers are a pair of collapsible food covers made from an insulated material with metallic surface to reflect heat back.

They can be used as regular plate covers to keep food warm or cool, but are much more.

As a set of a 16 inch and 14 inch across these are large enough to cover a lot of picnic or party food too.

With space for 6 inch high bowls, keeping food warm, or cool, even a lot of food like a cake or cooked dish, is not a problem.

Particularly as, unlike the domes you normally see, these have straight vertical edges, giving the 6 inch height all away across, without a domed slope at the sides interfering with your food.

You will also find that, unlike food warmers, the pair do not dry food out.

Just 1 inch thick when not in use they pop up and cover up to 6 inch high. Made from thick insulating material they won`t blow away easily and as well as keeping food hot or cold will protect against flying insects.

So whether you just need food plate covers to keep food hot or cold at home or are planning a picnic, collapsible food covers are ideal.

16 inch diameter and 14 inch diameter, covers and insulates up to 6 inch high, collapses to 1 inch thick.

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