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InstaHanger Dream Catchers picture
InstaHanger Dream Catchers picture

InstaHanger Dream Catchers.

InstaHanger Dream Catchers picture
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InstaHanger Dream Catchers hold your dreams and your clothing.

Made from natural pine, the hanger looks like a decorative plaque but folds out to give 30 cm of hanging space on a stainless steel rod.

Originally designed for bedroom storage, some people dream that the wooden paddle looks like a wooden spoon, so it fits nicely in their kitchen, others that it looks like an old fashioned washing paddle, looking great for laundry room storage and drying.

However you dream of using InstaHanger Dream Catchers, they look great in sustainable pine, and work like a dream too holding 23 kilos of wet or dry clothing and giving 30 cms of hanging space.

This neat, natural pine folding away clothes hanger fixes on your wall and closed measures 18in H X 2 3/4in W X 1 1/4in D, opening up to 18in H X 2 3/4in W X 14in D

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