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Hanging Basket Watering Four picture
Hanging Basket Watering Four picture

Hanging Basket Watering Four.

Hanging Basket Watering Four picture
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Hi Lo makes watering hanging baskets easier by letting you pull your basket down to a lower height, holding it there than returning it.

You hang your Hi Lo between your basket support and bracket.

Pull, the hanging basket is lowered and you can hold and lock it at various heights.


Tug and nudge to guide the hanging basket back up.

No need for ladders, steps or chairs, and way neater than a pulley system.

Now you can water your hanging baskets easily without hassle and put on a great display.

This pack contains four hi lo Hanging Basket Watering aides.

A set of two hi lo is also available.

Hi Lo can lower up to 31 in 80 cm in convenient steps, and can take hanging baskets up to 20 lbs 9 kg.

Some people also use them to lower and raise bird feeders for refilling.

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