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Four Soup Pots picture

Four Soup Pots.

Four Soup Pots picture
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A lot of the enjoyment of food comes from the presentation.

Imagine bringing some soup or stew to table in these soup pots.

There is some steam escaping.

What can it be?

The lid is lifted, a delicious aromatic waft of steam assaults the senses.

Oh yum.

Instant pleasure and delight.

If it is a guest they'll remember the sense of theatre, pure surprise and the delight of these soup pots.

Like something you would find in a farmhouse, these soup pots come in rustic brown glaze, and as you would expect are safe in the oven, dishwasher and olde traditional microwave.

Taking 12ozs, each soup bowl with handle and lid measures 4.5 in by 4.24 inch wide, four in the set.

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