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Folding Walking Stick picture
Folding Walking Stick picture

Folding Walking Stick.

Folding Walking Stick picture
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NOTE: Now black with brown handle

A regular walking stick when not in use can be clutter and ironically a dangerous trip hazard.

Surely it is safer and better to fold the stick away out of sight.

And reduce its weight.

Looks like someone has been listening, as here is a folding walking stick.

The Adjustable Aluminium Folding Cane, no less.

Pick up and the four sections automatically pop up like magic.

You have already set it to a height to suit you, between 83 cm and 93 cm or 33 to 37 inch and are good to go.

You will find this lightweight, but strong (aluminium is used in aircraft construction) and be reassured by the sturdy rubber grip pad at the base and sturdy polished handle.

When you are done, fold up is easy.

Walk away from heavy clutter and fold down to avoid a trip hazard with this sturdy neat collapsible folding walking stick.

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