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Folding Walking Stick With Foot picture
Folding Walking Stick With Foot picture

Folding Walking Stick With Foot.

Folding Walking Stick With Foot picture
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We all know that the best design for stability when walking or standing or getting up is the foot.

All of us that is except walking stick makers.

Until now.

This folding walking stick has a foot at the end.

It flexes when you go up or down a slope to get better traction and to be at a supportive angle.

It flexes to compensate when you hold your stick at an angle.

It flexes as the walking surfaces changes.

It flexes as your weight shifts as you get off your chair.

Suddenly just using a cane with a foot increases stability and makes walking a lot more stable and safer.

As well as a multi angle foot, you also get a great collapsible walking aid, which can be tucked small under your arm or into a large coat pocket when not needed.

You also get all the features you expect like height adjustment (36.5 to 39.5 inch), strength (supports weight up to 250 lbs), popping up and easy break down, and handle grip.

But best of all, you get a folding walking stick with a flexing foot, the best design for stability.

Current stock has a chocolate brown handle.

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