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Compact Folding Draining Rack picture
Compact Folding Draining Rack picture

Compact Folding Draining Rack.

Compact Folding Draining Rack picture
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A really neat dish draining rack ideal for areas like small flats and caravans.

Compact at 33 x 20 x 33cm (13 x 9 x 13 in) ingeniously, there is space for up to 20 plates or dishes and tucked underneath two draining bays for cups or glasses.

That is enough for a dinner party in a little over 2 foot of length!

Compact Folding Draining Rack fits neatly on pretty much any draining board, and if there is no space there, no problem, a draining tray is included.

When done you can fold the rack up flat for easy storage.

Many years of increased space and happy camping await.

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