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Fish Shower Radio picture
Fish Shower Radio picture

Fish Shower Radio.

Fish Shower Radio picture
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Time in your shower or bath goes even more swimmingly with your own pet angel fish shower radio.

Yes, a pet fish shower radio you can pet and play with as well as just play.

Tickle the baby angel fish on the side, this turns on your shower radio.

Pet a lower fin and switch AM to FM.

Stroke the side fin to switch channel.

Fish abuse by twiddling the eye for volume or prodding so the fish shower radio yells in siren alarm.

It is there for those who need help getting out of any hot water.

The angel fish shower radio is shower resistant (of course) and comes with suction cups for sucking onto surfaces, and a nylon rope for hanging up.

157 x 230 x 35 mm and runs off not fish food but 3 AA power thingies (don`t say anything which sounds like " battered " near a fish).

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