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EZ Combs.

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EZ Combs


Now there are EZ Combs, the easy, new way to create dozens of dazzling new hairstyles instantly.

Simply slide in one end of the EZ Comb and then stretch it around your hair and slide it into the other side.

For an up-do that is brand new.

Or pull hair up and fluff it out for a fantastic fountain effect.

Look again, just slide in the contoured combs.

The bungee bands stretch and release for a relaxed custom fit every time.

With EZ Combs, you can liven up a ponytail in just seconds or create an amazing butterfly twist with the easy-to-follow Beauty Guide.

You can create fabulous new hairstyles in no time, even short hair looks amazing.

It is sophisticated yet sexy.

EZ Combs are perfect for any occasion like weddings, proms, or any formal affair.

They are ideal for the office, stylish yet professional.

Look out, claw clips can give you brain pain but with EZ Combs go ahead and put your head back.

There so comfortable that you can even sleep in them.

They work on short hair, they work on thin hair, they even work on thick curly hair.

Best of all EZ Combs will not fall out, even during a brisk workout.

It is so easy to use that kids love EZ Combs too.

Pack of two: Dazzling Silver and Caramel Bronze.

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