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The A1 cutting mats are formed in durable rubber and are almost indestructible. A smooth, flat surface marked in a handy grid, makes cutting easier and more accurate.

The A1 cutting mats also protect work surfaces from damage when you use sharp blades and cutters.

Each cutting mat measures 90cm x 60cm and stays firm on the surface. A must for every DIY enthusiast.

  • A1 handy cutting mat
  • protects surfaces
  • provides support for smoother cutting
  • almost indestructible
  • 60cm x 90cm
  • 3mm thick
  • not layered, one thickness
  • very strong and cut resistant.

These cutting mats are the size of an A1 sheet of paper A1 60cm x 90cm, made from rubber and marked out in a grid to help you cut straight and to size.

The almost indestructible surface is smooth, flat and firm, a surface designed for cutting.

As well as making cutting smoother, your furniture is protected from scoring and accidental cuts.

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