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1. Magnetic Kitchen Wrap Holder.

Magnetic Kitchen Wrap Holder picture click to read more We all need some place to hold our packs of cling film or baking foil. How about this magnetic kitchen wrap holder? Simply clonk onto a steel surface and you...


2. Scissors With Jar And Bottle Opener Nutcracker.

Scissors With Jar And Bottle Opener Nutcracker picture click to read more Robust and sturdy The StarClassix Scissors have stainless steel blades serrated for improved grip. The center section is also designed as a nutcracker or as a...


3. Apple Corer.

Apple Corer picture click to read more Some people simply do not like pips and pith. That`s why some inventive soul came up with the idea of an apple corer. Just take this simple kitchen tool, push...


4. Condiment Carousel.

Condiment Carousel picture click to read more Keep all your condiments ready to hand in the Condiment Carousel when you open your fridge or kitchen cupboard. It can be attached by three suction cups which...


5. Apple Peeler.

Apple Peeler picture click to read more Turn the handle. You have an apple, clean bare out of its skin. The skin in one long piece. And no waste. Who would have guessed the most exciting tool in your...


6. Apple Pro Peeler.

Apple Pro Peeler picture click to read more The Apple Pro Peeler is, as you can see amazing. Rather than your carefully working away peeling apples by hand, let this lathe`s blade glide over the apples....


7. Metal Can Opener.

Metal Can Opener picture click to read more This operates totally differently to any can opener you have ever owned. The cutting wheel goes vertically inside the rim. Then instead of removing the top...


8. Y Peeler.

Y Peeler picture click to read more These Y Peelers are maybe uniquely designed to remove potato eyes and other blemishes as well making peeling potato, fruit and vegetables easy. To add to the...


9. Vacuum Wine Saver.

Vacuum Wine Saver picture click to read more The vacuum wine saver is a wine preserver. What you do is pump the air out of the bottle, giving a vacuum. The vacuum means the wine cannot react with air...


10. SecuriMax Can Opener.

SecuriMax Can Opener picture click to read more Securimax can opener is often said to be the best can opener in the world. The swiss made blade cuts into the rim of the can, weakening it. You then use...


Products 1-10 of 50 displayed.

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