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11. Vacuum Wine Saver.

Vacuum Wine Saver picture click to read more The vacuum wine saver is a wine preserver. What you do is pump the air out of the bottle, giving a vacuum. The vacuum means the wine cannot react with air...


12. SecuriMax Can Opener.

SecuriMax Can Opener picture click to read more Securimax can opener is often said to be the best can opener in the world. The swiss made blade cuts into the rim of the can, weakening it. You then use...


13. Cake Server.

Cake Server picture click to read more Birthday wedding, graduation or just regular cake can look wonderful, until it comes to serving them up. These cake servers can be used as cake cutters then...


14. Wide Handled Vegetable Peeler.

Wide Handled Vegetable Peeler picture click to read more You sort of wonder if kitchenware designers have ever even used a potato or vegetable peeler in their lives. You don`t use a peeler like pen or pencil to write...


15. Apple Peeler Blades.

Apple Peeler Blades picture click to read more If you use an apple peeler it maybe because you have an awesome (or without one, awful) amount of apples to peel. Our red and white one, and similar equipment...


16. Rapid Defroster.

Rapid Defroster picture click to read more This is an extending expanding draining rack tray, metal with draining holes and plastic handles at either end. Pull out handle and it extends, with snug lips...


17. Multi Grater.

Multi Grater picture click to read more Multi Grater has a lot of the features of an electric food processor but is manual, not needing electricity if you are green or off grid. You have the discs...


18. Wine Saver Stoppers.

Wine Saver Stoppers picture click to read more Pairs of stoppers to work with these Starfrit Vacuum Wine Saver Before ordering, please check the wine pump is the same as yours so that they fit. Household...


19. Extending Oven Shelf.

Extending Oven Shelf picture click to read more Oven shelf or rack replacements to fit most ovens. Instead of hunting for your exact model and spending a lot, this universal oven shelf replacement is likely...


20. Bag Sealer.

Bag Sealer picture click to read more The bag sealer puts the power to seal bags into your hand. Simply turn on, press over the opening and slide along. The plastic melts together creating a seal,...


Products 11-20 of 50 displayed.

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