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Accurate Bathroom Scales picture
Accurate Bathroom Scales picture

Accurate Bathroom Scales.

Accurate Bathroom Scales picture
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Super accurate bathroom scales with removable display.

It is time to do a rethink on bathroom scales.

How about accuracy?

Shift your weight and the reading changes.

Problem solved.

These super accurate bathroom scales have four weight sensors, one at each corner. The in built intelligence figures the most accurate weight out from the four measuring points.

How about readability?

The regular needle pointer is confusing. The numbers are small.

Problem solved.

These accurate bathroom scales not only has large numbers, but you can actually hold the LCD display in your hand, or mount it on your wall.

Your weight is zapped to the display using infra red.

No more bending, twisting and trying to peer between your feet just to see your weight.

You will also understand the result.

Learned in Pounds? Kilograms? Stones?

The accurate bathroom scales can display whichever you choose.

And design?

These super accurate bathroom scales are pretty and transparent so fit in anywhere.

That`s right transparent.

It is made form heavy duty toughened glass on a stainless steel base.

Glass that can hold and weight up to 400 lb / 28 stone. In a space of 31.5 x 31.5 x 4 inch high.

To ice the cake (if that is appropriate) there is no electricity, or trailing wires. involved (takes 6 x AAA batteries), there is also no wastage, the scales are smart enough to turn themselves on and off.

And as a little extra the display doubles up as a handy bathroom clock, including an alarm.

The bathroom scales have truly been rethunk as super accurate bathroom scales.

Want one?

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