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1. Leather Car Seat Covers.

Leather Car Seat Covers picture click to read more How do you fit four elephants in a car? Two in the front, two in the back. How do you make those elephants super comfortable? With these super leather car seat...


2. Car Seat Covers.

Car Seat Covers picture click to read more Finally go ahhh instead of argh as you slip into your car to drive with these car seat covers. Rest your behind on genuine leather. Notice the softness and...


3. Car Dent Puller.

Car Dent Puller picture click to read more If you have a car dent, don`t worry. Just get a grip with this. Open the handles, push against pushed in part of car Close the handles. The puller base forms a...


4. Rust Converter.

Rust Converter picture click to read more Rust converter The Fertan rust converter treatment helps remove loose rust fast and converts more stable rust to a super hard glossy black shield to help give...


5. Car Support Grip Handles.

Car Support Grip Handles picture click to read more A lot of people have trouble clambering in and out of cars, and many simply like something to hold on to while the car is moving. It is time to get a grip or...


6. Car Accident Report Kit.

Car Accident Report Kit picture click to read more A car accident report kit in every UK car should be as standard as a seatbelt. Suppose you have an incident, it could happen to anyone. Suddenly you can be in...


7. Snow Brush Ice Scraper.

Snow Brush Ice Scraper picture click to read more This is a double ended tool, one end is a snow brush with tough bristles and the other end an ice scraper. The snow brush has a swivel head, you can at a push...


8. Swivel Car Seat.

Swivel Car Seat picture click to read more Revolving swivel car seat helps you to get in and out of cars, and your legs under tables and desks and to reach with the minimum of twisting. Wonderful relief...


9. Tyre Inflator Digital.

Tyre Inflator Digital picture click to read more A smart robot tyre inflator you plug it into your cigarette lighter, set the pressure you want, it then pumps your tyre to that pressure and switches off....


10. Ergonomic Scraper.

Ergonomic Scraper picture click to read more We all know you can pick up an ice scraper for next to nothing at any gas or petrol station so why invest in this one? Simply it is a great tool for the job of...


Products 1-10 of 17 displayed.

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