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1. Vacuum Cleaner Universal Extension Hose.

Vacuum Cleaner Universal Extension Hose picture click to read more Vacuum Cleaner Universal Extension Hose fits onto the end of your vacuum cleaner hose giving you an extra 16ft 4.8768 metres of length to work with. Now you are free to go up and down stairs and across wide areas, and even out to the car without having to move the vacuum cleaner around. The hose...


2. T Rex Gutter Cleaner Gutter Flusher.

T Rex Gutter Cleaner Gutter Flusher picture click to read more A problem with gutter cleaning is that they are generally out of reach. This flusher adds more than a metre and a third to your reach (137cm), meaning you can now get into and clean more channels. And whilst you are cleaning you will appreciate the quality and adaptability of this gutter cleaning...


3. Tyre Inflator Digital.

Tyre Inflator Digital picture click to read more A smart robot tyre inflator you plug it into your cigarette lighter, set the pressure you want, it then pumps your tyre to that pressure and switches off. Stored inside the air compressor is a 12 foot lead, unwind and plug into your cigarette lighter (these are a standard 12 Volt DC and the plug...


4. Pet Vacuum Cleaner.

Pet Vacuum Cleaner picture click to read more If you have cats and dogs shedding hair all over your home we suggest tackling the issue at its source with a pet vacuum cleaner. Normally your pet and your vacuum cleaner mechanism would have plenty to say about this. Enter the Pet Vac Aqua Jumbo vacuum cleaner attachment. The idea is that your...


5. Soft Toe Protection.

Soft Toe Protection picture click to read more Cut gel protectors to length and put on your toes so that the gel cossets them and separates each toe. Can also be used on fingers. 2 6 inch lengths This soft toe protection is safely adapted to the toes and stuffed with a layer of gel It offers excellent protection against painful corns, pustules...


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