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1. Garlic Press.

Garlic Press picture click to read more This is a traditional style garlic press with a modern updated design. If you just want to get on with cooking rather than playing around with plastic gadgets...


2. Bag Sealer.

Bag Sealer picture click to read more The bag sealer puts the power to seal bags into your hand. Simply turn on, press over the opening and slide along. The plastic melts together creating a seal,...


3. Cordless Help Alarm.

Cordless Help Alarm picture click to read more If you need help, you want a big button you can easily press without it being fiddly and an extremely loud alert. Like this 100db cordless help alarm. Place by...


4. Multi Grill Panini Pan.

Multi Grill Panini Pan picture click to read more To make panini or pressed sandwiches, cafes have special equipment. Now, you can too. Here`s a home version. Open up, insert bread slices and filling, press...


5. Carpet Gripper.

Carpet Gripper picture click to read more Carpet Gripper tape is made from a clingy plastic material. Press to the bottom of your carpet and it will attach and then cling to the floor as well. The...


6. Bracelet Buddy.

Bracelet Buddy picture click to read more Straps, chains and watches can be fiddly to put on and fasten. Bracelet Buddy is the answer. A shiny decorative wand, with a clip at one end. Push the clip to...


7. Vacuum Wine Saver.

Vacuum Wine Saver picture click to read more The vacuum wine saver is a wine preserver. What you do is pump the air out of the bottle, giving a vacuum. The vacuum means the wine cannot react with air...


8. Windproof Umbrella.

Windproof Umbrella picture click to read more The windproof umbrella does not act as a sail pulling away from you or blow out and break in the wind. Unlike so many now clogging the landfill. So how does...


9. Clothes Hanger Organiser.

Clothes Hanger Organiser picture click to read more The clothes hanger organiser is great for storage or for use as a drying hanger. How come? Lets get weird and take a tour. Look up top, there`s a swivel hook....


10. Tyre Inflator Digital.

Tyre Inflator Digital picture click to read more A smart robot tyre inflator you plug it into your cigarette lighter, set the pressure you want, it then pumps your tyre to that pressure and switches off....


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