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31. Pastry Cutter.

Pastry Cutter picture click to read more This pastry cutter lets you achieve the same finish on pies and pastries as top TV chefs. You have seen them with their knives quickly go around a pastry or...


32. Nutcracker.

Nutcracker picture click to read more This is a clever nutcracker. Most nutcrackers treat large and small nuts just the same. This one has two areas so you can crack large nut and small delicate...


33. Pebble Sink Mat.

Pebble Sink Mat picture click to read more Provide a safe cushion in your sink for that fragile glassware and china during washing up. The attractive design also protects the surface of the sink from...


34. Garlic Press.

Garlic Press picture click to read more This is a traditional style garlic press with a modern updated design. If you just want to get on with cooking rather than playing around with plastic gadgets...


35. Ice Cream Spoon.

Ice Cream Spoon picture click to read more Shush, an ice cream spoon is the secret to creating those thick luscious curls of ice cream you see pictured in those magazine food articles. Cut in with the...


36. French Fry Cutter.

French Fry Cutter picture click to read more French fry cutter potato chipper is smashing if you want to cut your own fries. Drop your potato into the machine. No need to cook first. And squeeze the...


37. Divided Saucepan Eight Inches.

Divided Saucepan Eight Inches picture click to read more A removable pan divider lets you cook four foods at once in this solid carbon steel, black enamel, non stick saucepan with glass lid. We are all sold on the...


38. Pizza Cutter.

Pizza Cutter picture click to read more The Pizza Cutter with the finger guard to keep your fingers away from the topping and the wheel. It must have taken many hours of cheese and crust fuelled...


39. Multi Grill Panini Pan.

Multi Grill Panini Pan picture click to read more To make panini or pressed sandwiches, cafes have special equipment. Now, you can too. Here`s a home version. Open up, insert bread slices and filling, press...


40. Zap Cap.

Zap Cap picture click to read more Simply, a zap cap is a cylindrical bottle opener gadget, you flick it over a crown cap (like on a beer bottle or some soft drinks), the crown cap jumps off and...


Products 31-40 of 50 displayed.

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