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71. Energy Saving Window Film.

Energy Saving Window Film picture click to read more Energy saving window film goes onto your windows and blocks out 65 percent of incoming heat and insulates in winter whilst filtering out 97 percent of Ultra...


72. Garlic Press.

Garlic Press picture click to read more This is a traditional style garlic press with a modern updated design. If you just want to get on with cooking rather than playing around with plastic gadgets...


73. Green In Cistern Toilet Cleaner.

Green In Cistern Toilet Cleaner picture click to read more Green, non polluting toilet bowl power cleaning without compromise. Blue Dream Up to 2000 Flushes is an amazing patent device which goes in your cistern and...


74. Pizza Cutter.

Pizza Cutter picture click to read more The Pizza Cutter with the finger guard to keep your fingers away from the topping and the wheel. It must have taken many hours of cheese and crust fuelled...


75. Stainless Steel Zap Cap.

Stainless Steel Zap Cap picture click to read more So you have created the worlds greatest beer bottle openers, the zap cap, where do you go from here? It could have driven the designers of the Zap Cap Bottle...


76. Windproof Umbrella.

Windproof Umbrella picture click to read more The windproof umbrella does not act as a sail pulling away from you or blow out and break in the wind. Unlike so many now clogging the landfill. So how does...


77. FreshKut Cutting Boards.

FreshKut Cutting Boards picture click to read more FreshKut Cutting Boards which fit over the edge of your counter and have a food storage container attached. As you chop and slice you sweep your food into the...


78. Condiment Carousel.

Condiment Carousel picture click to read more Keep all your condiments ready to hand in the Condiment Carousel when you open your fridge or kitchen cupboard. It can be attached by three suction cups which...


79. Pastry Cutter.

Pastry Cutter picture click to read more This pastry cutter lets you achieve the same finish on pies and pastries as top TV chefs. You have seen them with their knives quickly go around a pastry or...


80. Wine Breather.

Wine Breather picture click to read more Wine Breather Red wine often tastes better the next day or so. This is because the wine has had a chance to breath. Breathing wine means giving air a chance to...


Products 71-80 of 98 displayed.

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