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21. Vacuum Cleaner Universal Extension Hose.

Vacuum Cleaner Universal Extension Hose picture click to read more Vacuum Cleaner Universal Extension Hose fits onto the end of your vacuum cleaner hose giving you an extra 16ft 4.8768 metres of length to work with. Now you...


22. Handy Stitch.

Handy Stitch picture click to read more Handy Stitch is a mini sewing machine which you hold in your hand. Just like a full sized machine a powered needle jumps in and out, the material flows through...


23. Divided Saucepan Eight Inches.

Divided Saucepan Eight Inches picture click to read more A removable pan divider lets you cook four foods at once in this solid carbon steel, black enamel, non stick saucepan with glass lid. We are all sold on the...


24. Cordless Help Alarm.

Cordless Help Alarm picture click to read more If you need help, you want a big button you can easily press without it being fiddly and an extremely loud alert. Like this 100db cordless help alarm. Place by...


25. Fan Vacuum Torch.

Fan Vacuum Torch picture click to read more Here we have a flashlight torch, a mini vacuum cleaner and a personal fan in one multi tool. Simply swap out the heads on the compact battery operated power...


26. Apple Peeler Blades.

Apple Peeler Blades picture click to read more If you use an apple peeler it maybe because you have an awesome (or without one, awful) amount of apples to peel. Our red and white one, and similar equipment...


27. Apple Pro Peeler.

Apple Pro Peeler picture click to read more The Apple Pro Peeler is, as you can see amazing. Rather than your carefully working away peeling apples by hand, let this lathe`s blade glide over the apples....


28. Vacuum Wine Saver.

Vacuum Wine Saver picture click to read more The vacuum wine saver is a wine preserver. What you do is pump the air out of the bottle, giving a vacuum. The vacuum means the wine cannot react with air...


29. Extending Oven Shelf.

Extending Oven Shelf picture click to read more Oven shelf or rack replacements to fit most ovens. Instead of hunting for your exact model and spending a lot, this universal oven shelf replacement is likely...


30. Dragonfly Solar Light.

Dragonfly Solar Light picture click to read more Solar powered light with beautiful dragonfly design casts a lovely soft candle type light. During the day a beautiful terracotta effect pot soaks up sunlight...


Products 21-30 of 98 displayed.

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