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1. Magic Hair Set.

Magic Hair Set picture click to read more Magic Hair Set is a box packed with hair accessories and instructions showing you how to magic up new hair styles quickly and easily. As you can see there are...


2. Gloves Mittens.

Gloves Mittens picture click to read more The good thing about fingerless gloves is the ability to use your fingers. The really crummy part is that your fingers get cold. There has to be another way,...


3. Cushion Solution.

Cushion Solution picture click to read more Cushion Solution is a gel which goes inside rings adjusting ring sizes. You do not need ring adjusters or reducers or ring snuggies. Ring sizing and sizes are...


4. Rain Bonnet.

Rain Bonnet picture click to read more Rain bonnet is for sensible people out in the rain. While everyone panics, simply extract the pouch from your pocket then unfold and put on. You can pull the...


5. Red Rain Bonnet.

Red Rain Bonnet picture click to read more When it rains, reach into your pocket or purse for your burgundy red rain bonnet in a handy pouch. Now laugh at the wet. Ingeniously designed, the peak or...


6. Cream Rain Bonnet.

Cream Rain Bonnet picture click to read more Be protected from rain from the tip of your head to the bottom of your neck every time it rains with your cream rain bonnet. At the first hint of rain, produce...


7. Handbag Organiser.

Handbag Organiser picture click to read more Handbag organiser is at first glance a liner with lots of tidy pockets and pouches to keep your hand bag organised. But let us take a closer look. 5.24 in x 9...


8. Ratchet Screwdriver And Socket Set Tool Box.

Ratchet Screwdriver And Socket Set Tool Box picture click to read more Don't be without one of these great tool boxes with tools. It contains custom grip ratchet, 10 screw bits, 5 nut driver sockets, extension bar, utility knife,...


9. Iron Matic Balls.

Iron Matic Balls picture click to read more Iron Matic Balls are dryer balls which you can fill with water. The heat of your tumble dryer turns the water into steam which pours out of holes. Just like a...


10. Magnetic Jewellery Clasps.

Magnetic Jewellery Clasps picture click to read more Wearing necklaces or bracelets is great, putting them on can be not so great. Sometimes a little help is wanted, particularly when it comes to those fiddly...


Products 1-10 of 46 displayed.

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