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91. Windproof Umbrella.

Windproof Umbrella picture click to read more The windproof umbrella does not act as a sail pulling away from you or blow out and break in the wind. Unlike so many now clogging the landfill. So how does...


92. Rotary Grater.

Rotary Grater picture click to read more Grater slicer grinder is a terrific kitchen tool where you slip in parts just like in an expensive food processor. You will be pleased as cucumbers are neatly...


93. Porcelain Chrome Oval Dish With Lid.

Porcelain Chrome Oval Dish With Lid picture click to read more Gleaming chrome has been bonded to white porcelain to create this mirrored casserole dish with lid. Intriguing oven to tableware, the oval dish and lid looks...


94. Draught Excluders.

Draught Excluders picture click to read more Note: Made for you in the UK in the home business of Deirdre, the actual patent holder, who we think should be supported, rather than going for the multiple...


95. Drain Covers.

Drain Covers picture click to read more Around your home, drain outlets could be going uncovered, with twigs and leaves going in, blocking them up, and stinking. These drain covers solve the problem...


96. Inflatable Bed Air Pump.

Inflatable Bed Air Pump picture click to read more Inflatable Bed Air Pump is a cordless rechargeable air pump. Simply plug in the unit at home. Charge up the built in battery. Then it works off the stored...


97. Complete Nail Care Centre.

Complete Nail Care Centre picture click to read more Presenting the complete nail care centre. Take the handheld driver, it is rechargeable so full of oomph rather than the regular nail shapers which rely on...


98. Titan Master XL Drill Set.

Titan Master XL Drill Set picture click to read more If you look around the web, there is a problem with titanium drill bits. They are expensive, costing more than their weight in titanium! This means that the...


Products 91-98 of 98 displayed.

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