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11. Scissors With Jar And Bottle Opener Nutcracker.

Scissors With Jar And Bottle Opener Nutcracker picture click to read more Robust and sturdy The StarClassix Scissors have stainless steel blades serrated for improved grip. The center section is also designed as a nutcracker or as a...


12. Garden Lawn Edging Stone Look (10Pcs).

Garden Lawn Edging Stone Look (10Pcs) picture click to read more Natural stone look lawn edging keeps the border between your lawn grass and flower beds or path clean and clear. Made from ABS, the same stuff as drain pipes,...


13. Power Picker Upper.

Power Picker Upper picture click to read more The SWEDA Power Picker Upper lint remover comes as a set of two rollers, one hand held, the other lipstick size. Rather than have sheets of sticky paper, this...


14. Moth Balls.

Moth Balls picture click to read more Moths always seem to go for favourite clothes. However no one can accuse a moth of having good taste. If you were a moth, you would be repelled by the...


15. Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack.

Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack picture click to read more These microfibre optical cloths are a must have for anyone with a smartphone, glasses, camera or jewellery. Why? Because fingerprint smudges, dust and grease...


16. Rubber Stair Mats.

Rubber Stair Mats picture click to read more Rubber stair mats come two to a pack and as well as being highly decorative, harking back to antique ironware, help with safety, making stairs less slippy and...


17. Paper Shredder With Bin.

Paper Shredder With Bin picture click to read more We were getting a paper shredder, did not like the high retail prices so bought this batch wholesale. They are UK mains operated, have a waste paper bin and...


18. Expanding Solid Wood Fence.

Expanding Solid Wood Fence picture click to read more Expanding Solid Wood Fence Put around a children's play or gardening area We all have areas out side of our homes it would be good to delicately draw a screen...


19. Multi Grater.

Multi Grater picture click to read more Multi Grater has a lot of the features of an electric food processor but is manual, not needing electricity if you are green or off grid. You have the discs...


20. Privacy Window Film.

Privacy Window Film picture click to read more A lot of windows are overlooked, and some showers and bath surrounds come in plain glass. The regular solution is to slap on a frosted window or decorative...


Products 11-20 of 98 displayed.

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