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1. Shredder Scissors.

Shredder Scissors picture click to read more Even a small paper shredder in the home is clutter, so having scissors which do the same job is great. Keep the shredder scissors by you when opening mail. Then when you want to chuck something with an address showing, SNIP, 5 blades cut into the paper turning your address into strips. Some people...


2. Scissors With Jar And Bottle Opener Nutcracker.

Scissors With Jar And Bottle Opener Nutcracker picture click to read more Robust and sturdy The StarClassix Scissors have stainless steel blades serrated for improved grip. The center section is also designed as a nutcracker or as a crab or lobster tool. Super strong die cast zinc alloy Trend setting matt finish Simple elegant design Washable in warm soapy water...


3. Tool Sharpener.

Tool Sharpener picture click to read more Look sharp. People will try to sell you lots of different sharpener for your knife, your scissors, your shears. Their angle is that each blade needs cutting at a different angle. This sharpener has multiple areas each set at the correct angle needed for each type of blade. A true multi tool. So,...


4. Blade Sharpener.

Blade Sharpener picture click to read more Now you can be like a professional knife grinder at home with this kit of angled drill attachment sharpening stones, 360 degree swivel vice and drill clamp. So you have two stones, fine for all your knives and scissors, coarse for your shears, large knives and lawn mower blades. You put your power...


5. Re Sharpening Blades.

Re Sharpening Blades picture click to read more Sharpening blades scrapes off metal, most people hack away at what may be an expensive investment without much thought. This simple, inexpensive set of three tools has the thought built into them. If you look at how to guides, they will tell you to grind at, depending on tool, anything from 10 to...


6. Ratchet Loppers and Garden Snips Set.

Ratchet Loppers and Garden Snips Set picture click to read more Pruning in your garden is easy with the Ratchet Loppers and Garden Snips Set. So let us start with the long reach cutters. They come locked safely, flick the lock and they are ready to use. A high up branch. There`s telescopic extendable handles. Push a button and the handles are movable. Ease up 5...


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