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Sonic Earz is a little listening device, so little that at 70 X 40 X 18 MM it can fit in the palm of your hand.

So itty bitty it runs off 1 AAA battery, the smallest sort.

Yet though it is small and unintrusive, switch it on.

Depending on your level of hearing you can get a little boost, or ramp it up to potentially 50 decibels.

60 decibels is a normal conversation, so 50 is comparable to a conversation right in your ear.

It is powerful, yet you control the volume to suit your level of hearing.

Suddenly with this aid your hearing has improved with even sound 60 foot away being amplified.

Conversations can be a pleasure again and television volume can be lowered.

Sonic Earz Comes with a handy belt clip and great quality earphones.

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