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Moss Removal Tool picture
Moss Removal Tool picture

Moss Removal Tool.

Moss Removal Tool picture
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Moss removal tool is an ingeniously simple tool which will make your life so much easier.

The metal prongs on this joint cleaner can be dragged along the length of the gap between paving slabs, bricks and so on, to quickly and efficiently remove moss, weeds and other debris without disturbing the cement or concrete.

Where the joint is wide, use the full 9 prong width, where it is narrower, use the tool end on to fit the gap.

Use as a hand tool, or you can also extend the moss remover with our handy "no bending" 50cm pole to make sure you can reach difficult or remote places and to save your back!

To rake moss out of deeper gaps a hook hand tool which can also be fitted to the telescopic pole is also provided.

  • effective, simple way to remove moss, weeds and other debris
  • cleans between paving slabs and bricks on pathways, patios, driveways etc.
  • 9 stainless steel prongs adjust to the width of the joint
  • hook tool which also fits pole
  • use with an extension pole to reach inaccessible places no more backache!
  • Made from steel.
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