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The classiest gardens start with these metal garden arches.

Excitingly, they are in kit format, one would stand at 2.42m tall and 1.43m wide 94 x 55 inches.

But several would open up creative possibilities.

Swapping parts between sets lets you create larger and smaller arches.

Now you can have a spectacular cascading waterfall effect or make a garden for children, wheelchair or disabled users.

In addition to simply creating an entrance, dividing your garden into rooms, putting in a focal point to give depth and emphasis or even making a tunnel.

Easy to assemble, the frame is made up of weather resistant coated steel tubes both slotted and bolted together.

There is no shabby cheap welding waiting to fail in this clever design.

There is something lovely and beautiful about climbing plants or roses trailing over outdoor structures.

Be inspired by these metal garden arches.

Lightbulb for ideas

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